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Movie info

Description: Memory: The Origins of Alien is a movie starring Bijan Aalam, Tim Boxell, and Axelle Carolyn. The untold origin story behind Ridley Scott's Alien - rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythologies, underground comics, the art of Francis...

Director: Alexandre O. Philippe

Actors: Bijan Aalam, Tim Boxell, Axelle Carolyn

Writers: Alexandre O. Philippe

Genres: Documentary

Country: USA, Switzerland

Duration: 95 min


[today] mestkidiscopee

It is definitely one of the best documentaries I have seen in quite some time. The documentaries look great and sound great, and I just love how they focus on only one question. I loved this documentary because it looked at the Earth from the perspective of "the aliens". The only reason that people would want to go to an alien planet is to see an alien. To that, I say that it is a little bit unfair to look at something from the aliens' perspective. Everyone else would not have any qualms about it. I think that in this documentary, you get to see what the aliens actually look like and how they live, because everyone would have a hard time looking at them from that side of the picture. To that end, I think that they take their mission seriously and don't do things that they would probably consider stupid. In one of the documentaries, they put a visual representation of a creature that they have never seen before in the planet that they are visiting. It looked great. To me, it looked a lot like a Kama Sutra. It is great to see the similarities that this documentary does to the 2001: A Space Odyssey. One of my favorite aspects of the documentary was the fact that they did not show everything that they saw. They just focused on the ones that they did see. This helps the viewer understand what was going on in their heads during those times and helps them make up their own mind. If you haven't seen the documentary, I highly recommend that you do.

[today] reikejamabel

It is amazing how a documentary can be so compelling and profound. I agree with some of the comments I have read here. And I want to add that as much as I disliked the ending, I don't see how anyone could not have been moved by it. The fact that this documentary was made is still worth commenting on. It shows a very powerful and disturbing aspect of science fiction. The real life effects of what could happen to humanity if something as extreme as this were to happen are so much more disturbing than anything imaginable on screen. But we need to see this film because there are many people, in science fiction films or in society as a whole, who aren't aware of the reality of what is going on. The fact that it is not realistic is no reason to dismiss it. We need to know about it.

[today] puvametvata

Alien, if you watch it at all, probably has been your childhood. For many it may be your obsession, or your idol. But you know that a lot of it is nonsense. And then there is this movie. Watching it you find yourself debating what this movie is actually about. Is it good? Is it bad? Are you convinced of the whole story? As you watch this movie, you have to believe in it. It's a great story, it really is. But you just have to believe in the story and you are going to enjoy the movie. To me, it's a great story, but you have to go into it and just see it for yourself. It's a good movie. You can leave it open for your own evaluation, but the true winner is the story itself. At least in my eyes it's a good story.

[today] bafesmahoupet

Well, as I told my brother, the movie tells about my life. I was not a teenager. I was a teenager but I was more a teenager than a teenager. I would not consider myself a teenager anymore. But I never have seen an 8-year old or a 12-year old boy do the school play. But in my opinion, this movie is absolutely a masterpiece. The cinematography, the acting, the real life story. If you watch the film, I think you will love it. I am more glad that I do not have a teenage son, but I can really say this movie, has made my life even more beautiful.

[today] maiterelreli

I had watched this film many times but never knew that much about the subject. As I had never read the novel by Isaac Asimov before, I was completely overwhelmed by the knowledge that it was the source of the premise for the film. Watching the movie brought me back to the moment when I watched the original Star Trek TV episode "Requiem for Methuselah", and suddenly I understood the events in the film and the world in which the story takes place. Many mysteries are revealed in this film and while it's not the film I had seen many times, I think it is a must see for fans of the original and for people who have not seen the film. This film is an exploration of the "creepy" concepts of alternate universes and the importance of human curiosity. Every human life has its mystery and the film looks into this curiosity and the drama that unfolds when there is a race against time for survival. This film has inspired my love of science fiction in general, and I recommend it to anyone who has the desire for a film that covers many of the concepts found in Asimov's work.

[today] mowallprenuden

Dr. Paul Andrews tells us what is not as popularly known about Alien: A breathless love story about the loneliness of Alien's Engineer or Aliens - an alien who survived on the planets that are now dry and inhospitable. It's the story of how he came to a space station in the middle of the desert and stayed for several months. It's the story of a very good old fashioned American astronaut. It's the story of the men who were the protagonists of this film, who showed to the world that the likes of William Yeats, Kipling, Ambrose Bierce, F. Scott Fitzgerald and all the rest of the greats had never been able to go to space.

[today] puuvimemislo

Hoping to understand the origins of the movie Alien, Richard Clarke was having a stroke when he found out about Ridley Scott's Alien. Clarke has become a major supporter of Alien, and since his movie he has turned up with his support of the series and is a bit more popular. Alien's original story was basically on what caused the aliens to come. This movie takes us into the future and into the early days of the series, and explains the origin of the movie. The movie gets better as it goes, with every scene being better. The first half an hour of the movie is quite enjoyable, with various scenes that add to the growing feeling of suspense. The whole part with Ripley and the Xenomorphs is very well done, and it takes up most of the movie. One interesting element is the experiments the crew makes with the alien, which includes picking up on blood. The effects are also great, with it looking very realistic. A lot of people are saying that this movie is bad, but it's not. It has it's flaws, but the movie itself is pretty good. It may be a bit slow, but that is a minor detail. What's very important to remember is that this movie is not a movie, it's a story. Overall: 8/10

[today] taorodegnahab

I will admit I was in awe of the sheer weight of film and editing. Like most people I walked out of the theater feeling like I had watched and experienced something deep. I was fortunate to have seen the film when I was younger and it has stayed with me. The film touches on the problems of mortality and how a man would die at a young age. It also touches on the issues of artificial intelligence. Without giving too much away the film deals with the pros and cons of AI, the moral issues, and explores the repercussions of the growing understanding of AI and the resistance it may create. It has to be said that the film is very slow paced and almost in a way it seems like a documentary. However, it is not a documentary but a look at a man's struggle to deal with his past and life choices. This film is not perfect by any means and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the issues of AI. This film is in my opinion not only one of the best films about AI but the only documentary I've ever seen that shows humanity from the perspective of people. If you want a look into the issues of AI and this film then I suggest you do yourself a favor and go see this film. It will help you see this film from a different angle.

[today] treatcavoweekro

I can't believe that some people give this documentary a bad rating. Yes, there are some things that are wrong with it. Yes, it is not an accurate representation of reality. And yes, it can be considered to be a kind of 'documentary' only for its very low budget. But the documentary is a very good, very realistic and very credible study on the first alien invasion to the planet Earth. It looks at what the scientists and military leaders were thinking at the time of the first alien attack. And what do the scientists think now? What do they know? What do the experts think? It looks at what the scientists and military leaders know, and it gives them a realistic account of what they think and are trying to do. It is a very good documentary and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this topic.

[today] kedsvanosijour

One of my all time favorite documentaries, "Alien: Covenant" is another good addition to the Alien series, and I've always found it intriguing. The crew of Covenant are lead by John Hurt, who gets to do a bit of subtle acting with the lens that takes us inside the workings of the ship. We get to see the procedures that are used to take Ripley back to the ship, and all the stories they have about her. The one that really surprised me was how much they told about her, and the crew seemed to be very much aware of her condition. The hardest part about playing the character of Ripley was to be prepared to say and do anything. I could almost feel her pain as she came through the landing bay. I would have liked to have seen more of her, and was concerned about the lack of continuity between this and the first Alien film. All in all, though, it was a great addition to the series. It was an interesting look into the people behind the creation of the movie that has gone on to become a blockbuster. Definitely worth seeing.

[today] corriatipalets

Paul Schneider's "Alien: Covenant" is a "slow-burn" film with a premise that can be traced to the same "shape-shifting" phenomenon that first appeared in Ridley Scott's 1976 masterpiece, "Blade Runner." The crux of the film concerns a small group of humans that encounter an extremely hostile, life-form-hating race of aliens in the vicinity of a primitive planet that they have come to search. The film, however, is more of an allegory for the Earth-is-the-only-world thesis expressed in the first movie, as the Earth was the only world the people of the film knew of. Some might argue that this change from the previous film will not make any sense, but it actually does make sense. If one were to watch the original film, you would come to believe that Earth was the only world that humanity knew. As the film progresses, however, you realize that we were no longer the only ones that knew. If you are wondering what this means, I would recommend watching the first two films. Even if you do not watch the series, "Alien: Covenant" will touch you. For me, it was this idea that made the film intriguing.

[today] pasuatorubga

I have never heard of Richard White before. But after watching his movie I became a fan of him. This movie, despite what many people say, it is a pretty realistic film about a serious subject and a movie about a very serious subject. It's not just a movie about racism. It is an overview of how racism, especially white-American racism, really is. The movie is not like a lecture, it's more of a documentary, which means that it is a movie about a serious subject and a movie about a serious subject. The movie is not all about racism. It is about how racism is treated and how racism works on the people involved. The film has a great documentary feel to it. It has the feel of a documentary and the feel of a movie, with many great scenes and an amazing soundtrack. The movie is so powerful, because it shows that racism is real and that racism still exists. The movie is not about slavery and it is not about Jim Crow. It is a film about racism. The movie is a great movie about racism and it is a great movie for everyone who knows or cares about racism. The movie is a must see and it is a movie that should not be missed.

[today] cheeponemongbap

I've been with a great group of friends at university. And, when the 3D phenomenon was in full swing (and when the kids were rolling over in their seats in the cinema, showing us a beautiful 3D scene), we didn't really have the chance to see the films. (Still, i've seen plenty of films like this on the internet). This film brings it to life in a very serious and funny way. The 3D is a big plus for me, and the whole cinematography - of which i've seen not one single scene without an image of some kind - also works very well. It's a simple story, and the way it's presented is at the same time mysterious and yet not. You can tell they have spent a lot of time on it, it's not your ordinary film, its very, very different. The dialogues are not just gibberish, they are very, very effective, and actually kind of convincing, i've never understood other films like this, with the dialogues that are not natural and often in more words than can fit into the movie. I always felt as if the film wasn't always easy to follow. My friend said that the reason why they don't like it is that it's just a kind of film, full of clich├ęs and even trying to be an action movie. But when you see a really good film like this one, that is exactly what it is. It's a movie that tries to make you think and to show you something that you haven't really seen before. It's not your typical Hollywood action movie, but it's not your typical "story". And it's not an action movie that tries to be action or a romantic film, because it's not. It's a story about aliens. And the way that it is told is like a kind of an autobiography of their lives. That the Earth is not just a kind of Hollywood version of the British seaside town (but a fully imagined and completely fictional one), but one where the aliens, although originally from the planet Earth, was stranded because it's a planet full of monotonous people. The original version of the film could have been any kind of message to make us laugh, but it wasn't, because it's just a very good film about something that is happening all around us. But the way they present it is really profound and kind of shocking. And this film makes you think about all kinds of things: what do we mean by being human, is it possible to stay free from the shackles of society? What is the meaning of our existence? And what is the meaning of being alive?

[today] restpomasmellpar

I saw this documentary during a local film festival, and it really didn't interest me. But it's fascinating, so I went out and bought the movie. The story, I thought, was believable. It was kind of a hokey film, but that was very entertaining. The film itself is almost entirely documentaries. It was very well-made. I'm not so much into documentaries that don't seem to have a point to make. But it was entertaining, and I do recommend it.

[today] temprintodova

This is a documentary about the origin of the Alien, whose exact origin has been debated ever since it was first imagined. This has resulted in an almost insurmountable body of information concerning the origins of the Alien, and a groundswell of interest on the internet. However, much of this information has been written up as fact and thus the negative feelings about the "facts" of the Alien, have become even stronger. This documentary does a great job of showing the origins of the Alien and its effects on mankind, not only from the perspective of the workers on board the Nostromo, but also from the perspective of a young journalist who was just like the Nostromo crew. He captures the personal experience of these workers, and shows us their opinions and frustrations with the unknown. These are people we can all empathise with. The crew were not too fond of the notion of the Alien, with some pointing to the harsh conditions the crew faced, others pointing to the greed that was there to manipulate the crew, others pointing to the idiotic laws of some governments. Everyone was well aware of the differences between them and the Alien, and the crew was not immune to the effects of the Alien itself. It is this animosity which was the main reason the crew had problems with the Nostromo crew. Despite this hostility, the crew did not use the Nostromo as a training ground, and this was its greatest mistake. The crew worked together so well, and kept the crew going through all the hardships, that when the Nostromo was attacked, the crew were so horrified and so hostile that they couldn't work together. The crew didn't know how to deal with the situation. The Alien was a wonderful piece of sci-fi fiction, and I would argue that it does indeed appear to have influenced society as it was meant to have, but was it ever a result of human nature or was it something alien to the Alien itself? This is an outstanding documentary. It shows us the human reaction to a new, potentially terrifying and unforgiving machine. The crew were so enthralled in their work that they forgot the world around them. They never gave a thought to the dangers that they were living through. The crew never saw the Aliens. The crew were blinded by their work and their desire to make the best of their work. They were not aware of what they were doing, as they could not see the difference between science and fiction. We do not know what the crew did, and this film is the only way we can be educated on this subject. It is important to the future of science, and society, to know the facts, rather than misinformation. This is why documentaries are so important. They are designed to inform the masses, and should be used to educate people to the truth instead of to the lies. This film is not perfect, the acting is sometimes stiff, the stories sometimes seem contrived, but it is an excellent documentary and a very satisfying one at that. I recommend this to anyone, I am sure that you will find it to be fascinating, if you have the chance to see it, then you must. The cast is well chosen, and in general the acting was good. There are many funny moments in this, some of the best made of all time. I do not know if I would consider the film to be perfect, but it is an excellent documentary, worth seeing.

[today] namartilosra

I truly believe this movie will change the way you look at the Alien franchise. It's very true to the "A" rating it has received by the fans, and it portrays what it's like to be a member of the Alien fandom. The director's commentary is worth watching, and the editing is impeccable. I'm not saying that this is going to be an Oscar contender, but if your planning on seeing this movie, just go in with an open mind and you won't be disappointed.

[today] prolalpanjudgnap

I think this is the first documentary to cover all the main points from the Alien saga. Some of the documentaries I have seen have focused on one thing but didn't get the whole story. This documentary covers the entire story. It also covers other aspects such as Aliens and Isolation, who they are, the whole Alien Invasion plot, Alien vs Predator, etc. etc. It covers everything you would need to know. It also covers the infamous scene where Ripley literally punches Newt in the face, then they are naked and so she gets knocked down, then her, Ripley, and Newt take turns for the whole chase scene. If you want to know the entire story and have all the answers from all the different documentaries then you need to go out and buy this documentary. As a true Alien fan I had to get a copy of this.

[today] mucenttigeti

This documentary is very good. It is actually more of an analysis of the hype surrounding the alien phenomenon. No special effects are used, but when we do see some. I mean it's okay but is there any excitement in seeing a naked woman walking around in the woods? It's the same with the film "Alien," but somehow the alien creatures are shown to be just creepy looking. This documentary makes a good point that once you're ready to believe that aliens are out there, it's very hard to remain skeptical. Personally I do believe that aliens are out there, it's just that they seem a little too much of a stretch for me.

[today] almukiroma

I liked it very much and thought it was well put together and good to have an idea about the Alien movies that had not been covered before. I also liked the footage of Ripley in the brig, and really dug the way she was more protective than she appeared to be (which might explain why we never see her without her helmet on in "Aliens"). I thought that the interview with Ellen Ripley was pretty entertaining, it seemed like she got more into her character in the end, and it was interesting to see what happened to her when she tried to get the virus into space. There was also a lot of footage from the original films, and the footage from Aliens was very interesting, but not nearly as good as this one. The music in this one was very good too, it made it seem that the creature was very close to home, with the music always adding to the eerie atmosphere. There is a lot of scary stuff in this, and a lot of good stuff too, but it is a bit too short to get into it all in a great depth. But as I said, it's good to have an idea about the Alien movies before seeing them. I think the movie was good enough to get it out of the way. A great way to spend two hours, or even three, if you like all that stuff. This is more about "what made the Alien movies what they were." and in a way it helps to get you to know what made the Alien movies what they are.

[today] gebunwayretecn

I have been keeping my eyes open for this movie for a long time. When it was released I was overjoyed and I was even more so when it was already in theaters. For months I have been waiting and waiting to finally see it and I finally was able to see it. I have been telling my friends about it and they have been curious. They are all very skeptical to say the least but that did not bother me. I will say that I feel that I owe this to the whole world. This movie is absolutely amazing. And yes I am giving it a 9 because I did not expect this to be that good. This is not a documentary and is not a movie to educate people on their own opinions and the truth. It is a movie that should be seen by every human being on this earth. Because this movie is a catalyst for something. And that is a good thing because it will be hard to find a single person who will be shocked or disappointed by this movie. Everyone who is old enough should see this movie, even if it is just once. And people who are younger will love it because it is the most impactful and moving movie they will ever see. This movie will have an impact on everyone. This is a must see for every human being on this earth. A great, great movie. 9/10

[today] clasrasuppconfna

Absolutely one of the best films I've ever seen. I was in awe of this movie and have watched it many times since. From the impressive production to the storyline, I can't wait to go and see it again!

[today] raiwipamosea

I watched this documentary on TV about three weeks ago and I'm still thinking about it. It is an excellent documentary that explains very well what is going on in the mind of a person who becomes a bit of a wild animal and someone who can't get away from it. The film is divided into three parts: the origins of the alien; a teenager's journey to cope with the consequences of being an alien; and the beginnings of the alien invasion in England. I felt that it was a great mixture of documentary and science fiction. The viewer will find it hard to forget that even though there were parts of this movie that made me laugh and other parts that made me think. For me this is a great film that you should watch.

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