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Movie info


Director: Bill Morrison



Genres: Short, Romance

Country: USA

Duration: 13 min


[today] grouperimcauzan

This is a movie about a man who is dying and a letter that he wrote to his wife. The movie is really good. It was made very well. The acting of the main actor is good, the story is really good. I liked the story of this movie and it has a little bit of mystery. This is a movie that everyone should watch.

[today] pinspavesguise

An ex-convict and a survivor of the Korean War finds refuge in an old apartment building in New York City. There he begins a string of contacts and encounters with people who are trying to figure out how to survive in this uncertain world. The best of this film is that it makes you think about your own world and what it would be like if you were still there. It's not an action-packed, gun-flashing, chase fest, but it is filled with atmosphere and suspense. The acting is uniformly excellent, but it is the direction that makes this one of the best films of the year.

[today] fuceagelocen

I have just watched this film with my wife and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was quite a departure from the traditional movie we usually see. It was a little slow in the beginning but once the film got going it became a very good movie. The film is very moving and full of suspense and mystery. You don't know what's going to happen next, and the story is so interesting that you don't want it to end. The story is based on true events and it is a very good story. I would highly recommend this movie. I would rate it an 8 out of 10.

[today] rongaramwingflag

The Letter is an engrossing and beautifully shot film about a love affair in a small town that has a tragic impact on the lives of everyone involved. This is the story of a woman who has been a friend of a man for many years, and now that he is out of the picture, she is in a real bind. She is at a crossroads, and she decides to help out a few people that she knows and trusts, and she helps them to a place where they can move on with their lives. This film is a masterpiece, a complete and total emotional roller coaster, but it is a real tear jerker as well. The performances are first rate, and the direction is superb, but the story and the script are just as good. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has never seen it, or to anyone who is looking for a tear jerker. This film is a great film, and it is one that I will be watching again and again. 9/10

[today] ciibanmacanra

The Letter is a great movie, however it doesn't really stand out as a horror movie in the same way as most of the 80's movies did. The story is a bit thin and it doesn't have the same impact as The Ring, The Exorcist, or The Grudge did. There is nothing really scary about it, it's just an okay horror movie. I really enjoyed The Letter and would recommend it to any horror movie fan. 8/10

[today] siothersstilexmuc

The Letter, the first movie I saw by the great master of the art of romantic cinema, Robert Redford, was released in 1980. I was 10 years old when I saw it. It was one of the few times I fell in love with a movie. The film is based on the novel by Roald Dahl, and it is a beautifully told story of love, loss, and redemption. I have to say, I have always been a big fan of this film, and I am still a huge fan today. Redford gives a wonderful performance as the young son of a man who has disappeared and is presumed dead. The film has wonderful cinematography, and some great actors in it. Jeff Daniels, Rene Russo, and C. Thomas Howell are all perfect as the various characters. The acting is very touching and it is a very touching movie. I also like that it is a little slow at times, and that it is a romantic film. I also like that it is very simple. There are no explosions, no sex, no sex jokes, no violent scenes, no swearing, no nudity, and very little swearing. I think that this is a very good film, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good film.

[today] swimmalmelodisch

Well I've been looking for this movie for a while and finally I managed to find it. I really liked the movie because it wasn't a normal movie. The actors did a good job. It is one of the best movies I have seen. It was also really funny. This movie is about a woman who has a secret that she has not told her husband. She is so ashamed and scared that she is going to be caught. Her husband doesn't know the secret either. This movie is very romantic and funny. I give it a 8 out of 10. You must watch this movie!

[today] raipasawglohorn

If you are looking for a film with a story that is based on true events, then this is not the film for you. This film is a piece of art that does have a story behind it. The script and the director did a great job on the story. The actors did a fantastic job. I did like the music, the cinematography, and the direction. I just felt that it was a bit uneven, the first two thirds of the movie seemed to drag a bit and then everything went completely in sync with the last two thirds of the movie. It seemed like a movie that was put together at a very fast pace. There were a few parts that were overplayed. I don't know what I was expecting. I thought the movie would be a little more subtle and subtle. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves an art film with a story that is based on true events. It was well worth the time that I invested in this film.

[today] terreehoofcikos

For those who like their drama romantic and have a taste for the romantic comedy then this is the movie for you. I personally love all of the actors, the writer and the director and I have been a fan of the Disney Channel for many years. The movie is set in a small town in California, it's like one of those quirky small towns. The movie follows a couple that's been together for awhile and seems to be getting closer. However, one day, she's sick and he's having a hard time with his wife and children. He decides to come up with an idea to help her and even tries to recruit some help from friends, he even brings in a nurse and a police officer to help him out. The plot of the movie is pretty simple, it's about the couple and how they get back together. The story is a little simple, but it's not that bad. The movie is still pretty well made and it has a nice storyline. The acting is good, especially from the lead actress, but the movie is still enjoyable, it has a nice little romance and drama, not as bad as some critics have said. I think that the critics were complaining about the lack of drama or romance and that's the problem, they were missing out on the best part of the movie, the acting. It's not great, but it's a good movie to watch with your significant other, if you're a fan of the Disney Channel then you should definitely watch this movie.

[today] iztwicazcooknae

The Letter is a movie about a woman who is sent to an insane asylum for 25 years. Her son is sent to a mental hospital for his own protection, and she ends up living with her son's wife. However, she is lonely and begins to become involved in her son's research. She begins to receive letters from the past, and when she learns of the existence of the other patients, she begins to find out who is really responsible for their deaths. The letters are sent to her by someone who has a terminal illness, but the character's intentions are unclear. I enjoyed the movie, but it has a few flaws. First of all, the film is a little slow at times. I had to turn it off a couple of times. It would be better if the movie ran for about 45 minutes longer. I also would like to see more of the letters. It would be good to see what the patients' motives are, and I would like to know who the author of the letters is. The film is a little too slow, and the end is a little disappointing. The ending could have been better, and the ending could have been more emotional. The other problem I have with the movie is that it does not explain everything, and this can be confusing to the viewer. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy a psychological thriller, because it is a good movie.

[today] terskuzlumerdo

I have to admit, I was expecting something a bit more complex. While it does not have a lot of depth, it is still interesting. The movie shows the life of a small town in the American South during the Civil War. The main characters are parents of one of the children. The movie also shows the children growing up and how the war changed them. The actors are pretty good. The only problem is that there are a lot of people in the movie, which made it a bit confusing. The movie is also quite slow and drawn out, but I still think it was an interesting movie. The main character of the movie is played by the actor of "The Letter". The movie has many emotions, but I think it is very slow paced. Overall, I think it is a good movie to watch, especially if you are a fan of movies that are slow-paced.

[today] conshosgarisy

I saw this movie twice and thought that it was a great movie. The two people in the movie are really cool and I think they are totally different people. One is more serious than the other and the ending was kind of weird but it was a good ending. It had a lot of mystery about the two people. I think they did a great job of making the movie interesting. I was a little disappointed that they didn't go into more detail about the love life of the two people. But it was still good. I think the main thing I liked was that they made it interesting and didn't go into too much detail about the love life of the main characters. I think it was a good movie.

[today] alnapsappgagy

Well, it's not going to be the usual subject, but I just watched it. Not because I wanted to watch it, but because I really like this kind of movies. I love that they do not make a big fuss about them. You really can see in these movies the realistic and real problem of the world. But not all the things are explained. It's more like that you have to think and go on your own. Sometimes I really wonder how to get to the bottom of something. I think this is a great movie to watch.

[today] menguilyulipsgi

If you are in the mood for a romantic movie with a lot of romance then this is definitely the one. I have not read the book but I would say it is a nice change from the more standard romantic movies that we see. The story is interesting and the acting is great. If you are in the mood for a movie with a lot of romance then this is the one.

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