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Movie info

Description: Learning to Breathe is a movie starring Anthony Ruffo, Vince Collier, and Shane Desmond. "Ruffo" is a feature length documentary about 47-year-old professional surfing legend Anthony Ruffo, his struggles with methamphetamine...

Director: Rocky Romano

Actors: Anthony Ruffo, Vince Collier, Shane Desmond

Writers: Rocky Romano

Genres: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 90 min


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The movie had a great message and was very entertaining. The history of the big banks was very interesting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has never been to a small town and wants to learn about the history of small towns in the US.

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Some people might disagree with me about the story and the truth behind it, but you have to think that the actor that portrays the young man, who is deaf, is amazing! I feel that he did a great job, and that was a bit difficult, because you could tell that he had to fight to keep his voice and that is not easy when you are a deaf person. The kid was able to do that. He did a great job, and that is what I wanted to see. But this movie was very enlightening and it showed the history of how the deaf people were treated. You have to think about this movie, because it was very emotional and I think that the main idea was to show that even with the help of a hearing person, it is hard to live in the world. I liked the movie and I am so glad that I saw it, because I would not have known about this story if I hadn't seen it. I recommend it to everyone.

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I have read the reviews before and found them to be very biased. It is very clear that most of the reviewers are uneducated about the topic. What they seem to miss is that what we have is not the "Truth" about AIDS. It is a very distorted "Grave Of The Voiceless" that needs to be seen for the viewer to make a different conclusion. I have seen this movie twice and am now preparing to see it again. The first time was a sad experience because I was almost choked up with my own loss. The second time, the movie has provided an important message that may change the way you view the disease. It's a film that requires multiple viewings to catch all of the meaning. I was very happy to see that the film did not include any graphic scenes. I think that this is a good idea to protect the viewer from some of the worst images that the media has shown us in the past. I really enjoyed seeing the documentary and I think that it is a film that must be seen by all those who are involved in the fight to cure this disease.

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I grew up in an inner city, predominantly African American, neighborhood, so I knew how to care for my family. I was the only boy in my class, and my father took me to see a movie about this great film. I was on the edge of my seat when the movie ended. I am happy to see this movie has been shown, and I hope it will be shown again. If you have never seen this movie, I urge you to watch it. It's a powerful film that portrays the racism that was alive in the 1960's. I hope that all who watch the movie, do not see it as a story about racism. It's about a family, and their family history. A great movie.

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This documentary on Kevin Costner is a must see for anyone interested in learning to breathe. Kevin is a man who has done a lot for the film industry, but also a man who has always wanted to learn to breathe. The interview with Kevin is so emotional, it will take you to a place that you'll want to be in forever. Kevin is a man who is struggling to learn how to breathe, but in his own unique way. He talks about his own childhood experiences and how his mother tried to make him not be like his father. Kevin's film is a bit like an extension of the book he's written. We see how he develops and shows how his life is affected by the accident. The film is great because it teaches people about the different parts of the human body, but it's also great because it's an excellent look at what Kevin has done with the money that he's made. It is an incredibly touching and well made documentary. The acting is excellent, especially by Christopher McDonald. I think that this film should be released on DVD, because it's an extremely well made documentary.

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I like this film because it shows the effects of the effects of a life lived through the abuse of drugs, and then the effects of the abuse of alcohol. It's a bit like walking through the mind of someone who has lived through all of those things. You can't help but have the feeling that you are living through it, because the person you are seeing has lived through it. The film is very well done, and I think that it should have received more recognition. It is based on a book, and some people might not like the film because they don't like the author. It doesn't matter though, because that's not the point. The point is that it is really interesting and very well done. If you have ever experienced the horrors of drug abuse, you will know what this film is like.

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I read the book, and this movie made me want to read the book again. I loved the movie, and it was wonderful. I don't know why people hate it so much, and I'm not a critic. I thought it was really well done and I thought it was a really great movie. I thought the acting was great, especially Tom Cruise. The movie was so different from the book, and I was really impressed. I thought the music was great, too. I think it would be really cool to watch the movie again.

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On September 28, 1991, I had my first, and last, brain transplant. I was 13 years old, and was getting ready to go to college in two weeks. I was in the hospital for several weeks, and the doctors, who had already removed two brains, decided to put another one in my skull. This was the last transplant I had, and the first time I had been conscious for a day or so. This is a fairly detailed look at what went wrong on that day, and how I got better. I was mostly lucid, but there were still symptoms of brain damage, including inability to read or write, and a feeling of being in a fog. The brain transplant was successful. However, I was left with a number of problems, including headaches, difficulty thinking, and trouble seeing. I was eventually discharged, and my head was taken off. I was told that it was a successful procedure, but it was not fully successful. The procedure was not fully successful, and I suffered severe damage to the brain. As a result, I was unable to function at all. I can now, but I can't function very well, and am much more depressed than I was before the operation. Although the brain transplant was a success, I now have a chronic brain disease. The brain transplant was successful, but I'm now a brain-damaged patient, and have severe symptoms of brain damage. This is a good documentary, but it is not the complete story of the process of brain transplant. The whole film is a series of vignettes, so there is no way to tell the whole story. The film is not a documentary, but it is a very good documentary. My comments are for the vignettes alone. All the episodes are well-done, and the documentary is not just about the brain transplant, but about the experience of the surgeons, the doctors, the people involved, and the doctors involved in the operation. The whole film is about what went wrong, and how we got better.

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It is funny how some people don't realize that it is the people that are hurting the country. We need to find some common ground and stop making people hate each other. I remember when my mom died in the plane crash in 1986, I never really felt like I had a connection to anyone. I'm sure everyone else felt the same way I did, but no one wanted to help. So we just moved forward. This film shows what the movie community was like back then. They were still friends and there was a lot of support and not a lot of hate. I think that the movie community is doing great and we need to help each other heal. I know a lot of people hate movies, but it is a lot of fun to make your own.

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I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was a beautiful experience. Although it is a very hard film to watch, it is beautifully done. I have learned to breathe again and I feel like I have been able to heal my life. I have changed my life. I am now able to move on. It is not easy to do this and I am so glad that I have been able to heal and move on. It is a reminder to never give up.

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The documentary is made by a Canadian filmmaker, David Wilmshurst, who began by telling the story of how he made this film. In the documentary, Wilmshurst does a really good job of exploring the experience of making this film and how he came to realize that he was making a film about the spiritual practice of Yoga. This is a documentary that you can watch over and over again and be amazed at how much research was done into this film. You will also be amazed at the variety of subjects that were covered in this documentary. Yoga is a subject that is important to both the movie maker and the viewer. This documentary has very little of what I would call "hot button" subjects. The documentaries is filled with personal stories of people from all walks of life who were involved in the Yoga practice. This documentary covers subjects such as how the practice came to be, the spiritual implications of it, the philosophy of the practice, the effects on people, and of course, the ethics of the practice. As a documentary, it is very balanced and covers all the bases. The documentary is worth seeing for it's history of research and the people involved in it. The movie is a must see.

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What a marvelous documentary. For those who are interested in a concise view of the current state of the Jewish community in the United States, this is a must-see. For the rest of us, there is a lot to digest here, and you will be in a good mood after viewing it. I loved the way the filmmakers managed to capture the similarities between the beliefs of Jews in America today and those of the Jews of yore, and I thought the way they did it was extremely interesting. The way they showed the history of the Jews in the United States was fascinating, and I loved the way they were able to do this without being too preachy. It was a fascinating look at how American Jews relate to each other today, and their views on religion. I highly recommend this documentary.

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I really enjoyed this film and found it enlightening. I never heard of Jim Morrison until recently, but I feel the film has exposed him and his music. I wish that more people knew more about the impact his music had on rock music, especially his lyrics. I'm glad that people still speak about his music, and that he has not been forgotten. A lot of people do not know that his albums were heavily pirated, and that is sad, because people are looking to him for inspiration. The film is not the most graphic film I've seen, but it is great in showing how intense his life was. I have a lot of respect for Jim, and am glad he is no longer with us.

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I first saw this movie in the summer of 2005 and was amazed at how good it was. The movie is about two people that had a life changing experience that took them to a new life, but it also has a lot of life lessons that are important in life. I really liked the background of the movie because it showed that we all have our own life story and when we make the mistake of not doing what is right we have to suffer for it and not get away with it. It really helps me to understand how life is like. Also, the movie is a great message to all of us to live life to its fullest. I recommend everyone to watch it.

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It is one thing to be in a coma. It is another to be able to talk and understand what others say to you. This documentary shows the inner struggle of a mother trying to hold on to her dying daughter. It is a brave and heartfelt film that shows the strength and resilience of the mother and daughter. The movie, however, is not only about the mother and daughter, it also shows how the community feels about their struggling little girl. It is the community's hope for a better tomorrow that keeps the family together and the mother grounded in the spirit of the community. This is a beautiful film that can be watched many times and will touch your heart.

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This film, narrated by actor Steve Zahn, details the many obstacles to raising kids and their growing pains. Zahn interviews parents of children in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, all of whom have to fight daily battles about how to live a fulfilling life. The parents all work in the field of caring for the elderly and are connected by a shared love of caring for others. Their stories are compelling and moving, and all share an urgent need to help their own children become active and responsible citizens. There are hundreds of anecdotes from parents who have chosen to focus on their own children rather than letting them die or taking them to an institution. Some of the parents have gone to prison for neglecting their own children. It is a powerful film that needs to be seen.

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This movie is a must see for all young people of all ages. I found this movie to be extremely informative and eye opening. It can teach any child how to manage their emotions, including anger, fear, and sadness. The parents in this film are so much better than the parents that we have now. One of the things that was really great about this movie was the one person who was very quiet and had a great sense of humor. This person was so great that I was able to relate to him the same way that I would be able to relate to my parents. I recommend this movie to anyone who is in need of some information about their emotions and how to get them under control.

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This documentary is about a man named Joe Wettlaufer who is an advocate for autism and has been one for a long time. He is a native of Norway, and has a rather large audience in the United States. It's a fascinating and entertaining documentary, but it is also very informative. You learn about how the autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed, why it's being done, how it's not a cure, and how the technology is progressing. It also discusses the progress of the Autistic movement in the United States, and how it's becoming more mainstream in society. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in autism and in science, especially those who are autistic themselves. I would recommend it to those who are interested in science, including someone who is autistic themselves, or interested in the autistic spectrum.

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The film about the death of a woman with a condition called pulmonary hypertension. The woman had to go to the hospital in a very short time and the doctors told her that she will die in a couple of days. The woman was so weak and had a fever of 101.4. She told the doctor that she was on a suicide mission and she wanted to die by drinking a poison that they gave her. I think it is a good movie about that. It is very funny. It shows how a woman can be very depressed and she can be very sad and you see how she can be so weak and then she is going to die. It is a good movie. It is good.

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